The Beautiful Troublemaker
The Beautiful Troublemaker mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Liz walks into the art studio early in the morning, in the shot where she opens the door and enters, a boom mic can be seen in the bottom left hand corner of the frame and is quickly pulled out of shot. (03:14:54)

Casual Person

Audio problem: Edouard wakes up Marianne after he returns to the art studio after walking out. The two walk over to a bench, then Marianne disrobes and sits down on the bench, so she can pose for him. Whilst this is happening, no further sounds can be heard in the background. Marianne then sees Liz sitting on the staircase watching her and out of nowhere, sounds coming from outside can be heard. The door to the studio would have been open the entire time as no-one is shown opening it, so the sounds coming from outside should have been heard the entire time. (02:14:42 - 02:16:14)

Casual Person

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