A View to a Kill

Trivia: The disclaimer, "Neither the name Zorin nor any other name or character in this film is meant to portray a real company or actual person" was added after the producers discovered a real company known as Zoran Ladicorbic Ltd, whose industry was fashion design. This is the first Bond film to begin with a disclaimer.

Trivia: At the end of the film, General Gogol is seen with an Order of Lenin medal for Bond in M's office. The Order of Lenin is a real medal and entitles the owner free parking in Red Square on weekends.

Trivia: The voice heard over the loudspeaker at San Francisco City Hall is that of the producer, Michael G. Wilson.

Trivia: When Grace Jones screams during the mine sequence when sparks fly around her, her screams are for real. Jones did not know that the electric cables around her would go off as a special effect for the scene.

Trivia: Mary Stavin, who plays Kimberley Jones in the pre-credits sequence, won the Miss World title in 1977. She had previously played one of Octopussy's girls in "Octopussy".

Trivia: The San Francisco city council did not allow Zorin's death (falling from the Golden Gate) to be shot for fear that it might "inspire" suicides, so optical tricks had to be used.

Trivia: The lines "What a view," and "To a kill," were once subtitled in Sweden as "What a view," and "Yeah, Tokyo."

Trivia: From "A View To A Kill" onward, the film's successor was no longer announced on the credits, replaced instead with "James Bond Will Return".

Trivia: The film marked the last time that Lois Maxwell appeared as "Miss Moneypenny" in the Bond films. She had appeared in every Bond picture since 1962's "Dr. No", the only cast member to have done so.

Trivia: This film holds the record for the least amount of screen time that a lead actor has ever appeared on screen in the role he is credited for. Due to Roger Moore's age, eight different stand-ins/ stunt-people were employed during filming to play the role of 'Bond', along with Moore himself.

Trivia: Duran Duran's theme tune from the film became the first Bond film theme to top the U.S. Billboard charts.

Trivia: As already mentioned, this is Lois Maxwell's last film as Miss Moneypenny. However, before she left, she approached the film makers to suggest she come back playing the role of M. The makers declined, saying they didn't think a woman could play M. Ten years later Judi Dench took over the role.

Trivia: When Bond and Stacey walk out of the shack at Silicon Valley, Stacey is wearing a set of miner's overalls to which Bond remarks, "Pity you couldn't find one that fits." Sir Roger Moore ad-libbed this line and the dirty look Tanya Roberts gives him was real. Roberts had refused to film the scene until she had a pair of custom-made overalls that flattered her figure, and because she was so difficult to work with, the producers decided to keep the scene in the movie.

Trivia: Several crew members were nearly killed when the Iceberg sub from the pre-title sequence flipped over.

Trivia: In order to reduce production costs, Max Zorin's airship only had a logo painted on one side.

Trivia: Before Zorin plummets to his death during the fight between Bond and Zorin at the top of the Golden Gate Bridge, Zorin laughs. This laughter was not scripted; it was improvised by Christopher Walken.

Other mistake: During the mine scene, we see Stacy Sutton in very tight miners overalls, then Mayday rips them off to the white dress she was wearing beforehand. There was not enough room in those tight overalls to hike up or bunch the skirt in any way for her to move her legs, or for her to have both legs in both pant legs. (01:47:05)

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Question: When Bond gets trapped underwater, could it be possible for him to survive using the air in the tyres?

Darth Crucible

Chosen answer: The Mythbusters tested that very thing on their show. The result was that it was impossible to breathe in air from a leaking tire while underwater.

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