Death of Me

Death of Me (2020)

3 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: The amount of dirt on Neil's face is inconsistent. When he is lying on his stomach, there appears to be a line of dirt along his jaw line. A little later, he has three lines of dirt on his cheek - like someone used a dirty finger to smear dirt vertically halfway down his cheek, then make a diagonal line of dirt partially overlapping, followed by an almost horizontal line across the bottom of his cheek. Also, the sunburned forehead, face, shoulders, and "V-neck" that Neil has before he gets up is largely gone thereafter. (00:04:32)


Continuity mistake: The amount and location of dirt on Christine's face is inconsistent, ranging from being very thick and obvious to barely visible, if at all. Sometimes it extends down her neck on the right side. When her hair covers most of her face, no dirt is visible - until she turns her head and the hair is away from her face. The intensity and location of the redness on her neck also varies. (00:03:31 - 00:04:48)


Revealing mistake: The green screened scene behind the ticket collector on the dock isn't moving. The waves on the water are paused, then the background is moving again in the next scene. (00:08:00)

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