The Little Things

Continuity mistake: In the desert digging, the Nova's trunk is open, then shut. (01:42:00 - 01:45:00)

Continuity mistake: The number of garbage bags containing Sparma's possessions vary when being transported in Deacon's SUV. Initially, only a few are visible in the cargo area, then a view shows many more, followed by fewer as Deacon continues to drive. When Deacon got to the site, it didn't look like there were any bags in the cargo area, but he POSSIBLY could have already got rid of them; this wouldn't make sense because there were many holes already dug at the site. (01:51:23)


Factual error: There is a "Covered California" sign in a window. The referenced health insurance exchange did not exist during the 1990 time setting of the movie. (00:20:58)

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