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Biff Grimes: I'm gonna have a smoke.
Amy Lind: May I have one too, please?
Biff Grimes: Oh, sure. Hey! Don't tell me you smoke.
Amy Lind: Only when I'm bored.
Biff Grimes: Well, your mother's a bloomer girl, you're a nicotine fiend, are there any more at home like you?
Amy Lind: I have an aunt who's an actress.
Biff Grimes: Well, that completes the picture. I've been around, they can say an awful lot of things about Biff Grimes, but not that he ever gave a cigarette to a girl.

Virginia Brush: Honey, why can't you be nice to me once in a while?
Hugo F. Barnstead: Oh, I've been thinkin' about it. Then I remember we're married, so why bother?

Amy Lind: I learned an awful lot while I was away.
Biff Grimes: You know, Amy. There's an awful lot of good in people if you just look for it. Trouble is, we don't look for it.
Amy Lind: We just go through life saying, I'm all right and the other fellows all wrong.

Amy Lind: You're not a very easy person to get to know, Mr. Grimes.
Biff Grimes: Well, that's the kind of a hairpin I am.

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