The War with Grandpa

Continuity mistake: In the lunchroom scene where the bully dumps Peter's chili into his bag; it then flashes to Peter somehow eating his full bowl of chili which was just dumped out. (00:17:11)


Continuity mistake: When Peter is in the car, he is wearing a hoodie. When he tells the driver he's only 12, he's only wearing a T-shirt, but as he's getting out of the car, the hoodie reappears. (00:58:41)

Continuity mistake: Grandpa squeezed the mustard bottle, aiming at and hitting the center of Peter's pants where the zipper or "fly" is, plus some mustard landed on his shirt. The stain starts off covering a pretty large area, then shrinks to half the size and moves further right. (01:13:59 - 01:22:59)


Continuity mistake: When Grandpa lifted the lid off the dumpster, it was close to full (all but a few inches to the top). When Grandpa and his friends throw the bully into the dumpster, no garbage could be seen at first, then the garbage was several inches lower than it was. (01:10:40)


Continuity mistake: Grandpa did not get a lot of soda/pop sprayed on his shirt or Santa hat - most went onto his face. However, the "wet area" of his shirt becomes much larger after he left the table. Not too long afterwards, the "wet spot" on his shirt looked much wetter, then soon after he falls down holding onto the ladder it's drier. Also, the white fur around his Santa hat stayed almost dry (or dry) despite being on his head when the soda/ pop (can shaken by Peter) sprayed all over Grandpa's face. (01:15:30 - 01:15:53)


Continuity mistake: When Grandpa exits the supermarket and lies on the floor his cap is on. A shot later it lies several centimeters away.

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Continuity mistake: When Grandpa is hanging the Xmas lights Sally's arms are crossed. Check her left fingers resting on her right elbow. They change positions in every shot.

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Continuity mistake: When Peter reads his essay in class his folder keeps swapping between being open and closed, and parallel or perpendicular to the table.

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