We Die Young

Continuity mistake: The amount of blood on 10-year-old Miguel's face and neck after his "jump in" is not consistent. Sometimes there is more (or less) blood on his cheeks and neck and sometimes it appears splattered compared to large areas diluted with blood. The intensity/color of the blood also changes - sometimes it is very red but other times it is paler. The cut on his left eyebrow apparently was not on the far left corner yet sometimes the blood started there; other times, the blood started almost to the middle of his eyebrow. Sometimes he has blood below his eyebrow. Despite all the blood on his face and neck (down to the sagging T-shirt), there is no blood on his white or light grey T-shirt. He also does not get any blood on his jacket. Miguel was repeatedly punched then kicked by several large, muscular adult gang members for 13 seconds (to become a member of the MS-13 gang) but is unrealistically able to get right up then go and pick up and carry his dog - with no limping or signs of pain. (00:29:15)


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