Arkansas (2020)

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Continuity mistake: When Kyle and Swin return to the parking lot after buying duct tape and encounter Pat, the way in which Kyle's long sleeves are rolled up (size/ length/neatness) varies. More often than not, his sleeves are rolled sloppily and sagging a couple inches below his elbows; the amount of wrinkling also varies. Other times, the rolls were neat, the same width, and the sleeves fell at or slightly above his elbows (suggesting they were recently/freshly rolled up). These variations were not due to merely "pushing up" his sleeves from time to time because neatly rolled and at or above the elbows followed sagging sleeves. (00:08:12)


Continuity mistake: In the parking lot scene where Kyle and Swin encountered Pat, Swin's hair was frizzy on the left side during rear views but neatly combed back without frizz with front views.


Continuity mistake: When Pat is standing on the passenger side of the flatbed near the rear bumper, the boxes are not covered in plastic. After Pat takes two steps and is behind the truck, the boxes are suddenly completely wrapped in plastic. (00:09:24)


Continuity mistake: The flatbed truck that Kyle and Swin got in at the onset of their trip is very different when they parked and went to buy rope (but got tape). The truck style is different, the cargo and its cover have changed (tarp is smaller, a different color, and is wrapped across instead of front to back), and the orange cone/cones change locations. (00:06:34 - 00:08:22)


Factual error: It would not be possible for Kyle to see the woman breast-feeding - and certainly not as shown. Kyle was driving an SUV in the left lane and Swin was the front-seat passenger. When a car was approaching the SUV from the right-hand lane and the rear passenger area was approximately side-by-side at the SUV's passenger window (which is DARK-TINTED!), Swin looked toward the car, but his face was right in front of the frame around the windows - he would, at most, see the woman's left shoulder... and the baby was feeding "on the right." I doubt Kyle would have been able to see any part of the woman when he turned his head to look. At most (and this is unlikely given the height of the SUV), he might have gotten a partial glimpse of the woman's left shoulder and only after the car she was riding in was in front of the SUV's windshield (but still in the right-hand lane). (00:07:20)


Kyle: What a lot of people don't know about organized crime in the south is that it's not that organized. The term Dixie Mafia has always been too generous, implied too grand a scale.

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