The King of Staten Island

The King of Staten Island (2020)


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Scott's Aunt: Maybe you should work and go to college.
Elderly man: College is bullshit! You know who went to Harvard? The Unabomber. You know who went to Temple? Bill Cosby. You know who else went to Temple? Ted Bundy. You know who went to Hofstra? Bernie Madoff. You know who went to Wharton? Donald Trump. It's all a scam.


Gina: You have a lot of tattoos also.
Scott: Yeah.
Gina: What's that date?
Scott: Oh, uh, that's the day my dad died.
Gina: Oh, my God, your dad died? I'm so sorry.
Scott: Don't be. It's fine. It's totally cool.
Gina: So, what happened?
Kelsey: Ooh. OK, you don't need to ask.
Oscar: Ooh! No.
Kelsey: Don't ask that.
Oscar: No, no, no, no!
Kelsey: It's kind of inappropriate.
Scott: He was a fireman so, he died in a fire.
Gina: Oh, my God! [Looks at others]
Kelsey and Oscar: Yeah, we know.
Kelsey: We don't like to talk about it. That's why we don't bring it up.
Oscar: Apologize or get out.
Kelsey: It's the right thing to do.You should say sorry.
Oscar: Apologize or get out.
Kelsey: It's not OK.
Gina: Scott, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry that I asked about your tattoo. [Kelsey and Oscar laugh and the others also burst out laughing].
Oscar: Knock, knock.
Scott: Who's there?
Oscar: Not your dad! [Explosive laughter].


Ray: This guy was the cokehead. [Points at Papa] You were the cokehead.
Papa: I stopped four years ago. You know that.
Ray: How do you think he stayed this skinny?
Papa: I have a high metabolism.
Ray: They should have his face on a nickel in Bolivia.


Scott Carlin: We're like the only place that New Jersey looks down on.

Scott Carlin: If you have money, why would you ever live in Staten Island?

Papa: Your dad was a hero, and heroes are necessary, and they should be allowed to have families.

Scott Carlin: Hi, this guy's been either shot or stabbed, I don't know, he's been kinda vague about it.
Admissions Nurse in ER: Sir, have you been shot? Stabbed?
Shot or Stabbed Victim: No, I fell in a thornbush.

Trivia: Semi-autobiographical movie about comedian Pete Davidson.


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