Factual error: Peg turned state's witness against other debt collectors (who were convicted thanks to her testimony) and her "deal" with the prosecutor cleared her of all debt-related charges. However, her destruction of evidence (52,437 debt sheets) could not be overlooked or forgiven and she had to serve time in confinement. Peg said, "Luckily, half my jury had their debt erased in the fire, so I got a lighter sentence." This would NOT happen in court! Potential jurors are questioned to make sure they are non-biased, know little if anything about the case, do not have a vested interest (they are neutral and detached) in the outcome, etc. Each side (prosecution and defense) is allowed a certain number of peremptory challenges (allowing them to dismiss a certain number of potential jurors). Screening questions to potential jurors in this case would include whether they currently have debt, which creates bias and would result in dismissal as a juror. Jurors also would NOT determine her sentence. (01:27:46)


Continuity mistake: At the restaurant, the amount of water in JJ's glass goes up and down a few times (although he is not seen drinking any and no waitress or waiter refilled his glass). (01:02:33 - 01:04:00)


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Jin: You don't want to rent there. Too stink, shifty landlord.
Peg: Well, then why do you rent there?
Jin: I conned the dingus into giving me a 50-year lease. I pay shit.
Peg: You do good business?
Jin: Most of our walk-ins are Buffalonian assholes looking for a rub and tug. I did not come to the promised land to fondle soft weiners. I came to get rich.


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