Buffaloed (2019)

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At Peg's "Welcome Home" [from incarceration] party, she is asked, "What are you gonna do?" Peg goes into the women's bathroom, looks at herself in the mirror, and asks, "What am I gonna do?" Peg then looks into the camera and talks to the viewer(s): "What do you think I'm gonna do? From nothing, I built a successful company, and the most prolific legal shakedown in America. Imagine how far I could get with this cash. I could take that money and crush this game. Legally. But I won't. I'm done clawing my way through the black holes of your bank accounts. I'm done convincing myself that I was relieving your burden when I was killing your dreams. I'm done... selling nothing to those with less than nothing. I'm done. It's time my line of thought shifted to the people who have everything. So, I'm moving on... to the only hustle that's even more of an unregulated clusterf-k than debt collecting." She goes back to the table and addresses her guests: "Let me tell you about hedge funds."


Factual error: Peg turned state's witness against other debt collectors (who were convicted thanks to her testimony) and her "deal" with the prosecutor cleared her of all debt-related charges. However, her destruction of evidence (52,437 debt sheets) could not be overlooked or forgiven and she had to serve time in confinement. Peg said, "Luckily, half my jury had their debt erased in the fire, so I got a lighter sentence." This would NOT happen in court! Potential jurors are questioned to make sure they are non-biased, know little if anything about the case, do not have a vested interest (they are neutral and detached) in the outcome, etc. Each side (prosecution and defense) is allowed a certain number of peremptory challenges (allowing them to dismiss a certain number of potential jurors). Screening questions to potential jurors in this case would include whether they currently have debt, which creates bias and would result in dismissal as a juror. Jurors also would NOT determine her sentence. (01:27:46)


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Peg: You can collect 20-year-old debt?
Josh: Debt never dies.
Peg: Debt never dies. Debt never dies.


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