Home Alone: The Holiday Heist
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Curtis: Here. You want to take that one down to the basement, dude? I'm coming with you. Let's go.
Finn: [Hearing the statement Alexis made earlier] "People get really good deals if they find, like, a dead body in the basement". The basement level in Dragons and Warriors is a prison filled with ghosts.
Curtis: Yeah, well, the basement in a real life is just a basement. You can do it.


Continuity mistake: The driveway is clear of snow the day the Baxters move in. Based on the amount of snow in Mason's yard (across the street) and other outside views, there has not been a snowstorm after the Baxters have settled. In fact, the wet roads and melting snow on lawns indicate an ongoing thaw. Christine (Finn's mother) tells the kids they will be leaving to go shopping for a tree and decorations as soon as Curtis (Finn's father) finishes clearing the driveway. Curtis is then shown struggling to use a snowblower to remove A LOT of snow from the driveway (which had been clear of all snow on move-in day). (00:00:58 - 00:18:51)


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Question: What caused Finn and Alexis to become technophiles?

Answer: I'll provide a "response." This seemingly simple/ straightforward question has a straightforward answer as well as a complicated one. The simple answer is it is impossible for anyone to know with certainty what "caused" them to be or become anything. There are theoretical perspectives that may offer different possibilities. Scientifically, there can be factors that are associated/ correlated with being a technophile, but there can also be unknown factor (s) that contribute. The complicated answer would break down your question and not take it for granted: What do you mean by "technophile"? What criteria are used to define someone as a technophile? Is "enthusiasm" measurable? Do Finn or Alexis meet the criteria for a technophile? Is using a technology that is readily available because of the historical time in which one lives the same as being enthusiastic over new technology? Is an addiction or obsession the same as enthusiasm? What evidence do you have that they are technophiles, etc?


Both Wikipedia and Home Alone Wiki state that Finn and Alexis are technophiles.

Does either provide a definition of "technophile" or provide criteria or evidence?


Finn is obsessed with video games and Alexis is obsessed with listening to music via headphones.

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