Brahms: The Boy II

Continuity mistake: When Jude is upstairs getting ready for company to arrive, he and Brahms are wearing dark blue (or black) suits. When the company comes inside, Jude and Brahms are sitting on the couch wearing grey sweaters. (00:57:43 - 00:58:14)


Continuity mistake: Brahms was quite clean for having been buried under dirt and leaves. No dirt fell off Brahms' body when Jude pulled him out of his "grave" and there did not appear to be dirt in his hair. When Sean (Jude's father) held up Brahms, the doll looked relatively clean - or cleaner compared to when Liza (Jude's mother) started to wash him. (00:14:10 - 00:15:45)


Other mistake: Jude would not be able to write that neatly - especially that fast - while holding a floppy notebook in the air. The right half of the notebook was sagging while he wrote three perfectly lined rows ("I told you not to make him mad."). (00:46:03)


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