The Trial of the Chicago 7
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John Mitchell: Richard, Chicago was more fucked up than any ten things I've seen in my life.

Judge Julius Hoffman: Mr. Hoffman, are you familiar with contempt of court?
Abbie Hoffman: It's practically a religion for me, sir.

Ramsey Clark: I'm in private practice now, and if John Mitchell wants to cut me in half, he can and he will.
Tom Hayden: You have to find some... Sir, you have to find some courage now.
Ramsey Clark: Find some courage? Yeah.
Tom Hayden: Yes. You have to find some courage, and...
Leonard Weinglass: Tom.
Ramsey Clark: That's what those two men came to tell me, that if John Mitchell wants to cut me in half, he can and he will. So I wanted them in the room when I said 'When do you want me in court?'
Howard Ackerman: Mr. Clark?
William Kunstler: I'm sorry?
Ramsey Clark: Swear me in, Bill.
Howard Ackerman: It is against the law for you to testify, Ramsey. It is as simple as that.
Ramsey Clark: It's General Clark. And arrest me or shut the fuck up. [Looks at Hayden] Found some.

Tom Hayden: Are we using the trial to defend ourselves against very serious charges that could land us in prison for ten years, or to say a pointless "fuck you" to the establishment?
Jerry Rubin: Fuck you.
Tom Hayden: That is what I was afraid... Wait, I don't know if you were saying "fuck you" or answering.
Abbie Hoffman: ...I was also confused.

William Kunstler: We've dealt with jury tampering, wiretapping, a defendant that was literally gagged, and a judge who's been handing down rulings from the bench that would be considered wrong in Honduras, so I'm a little less interested in the law than I was when this trial began.

Tom Hayden: What is that?
Rennie Davis: I've been keeping a list every day. Americans who've been killed since the day we were arrested.
Tom Hayden: Why?
Rennie Davis: With the trial starting, it might get easy to forget who this is about.

Tom Hayden: Let us make sure that if blood is going to flow, let it flow all over this city.

Reporter Jack: Why won't Bobby Seale let anyone represent him?
Jerry Rubin: You've posed that question in the form of a lie.

William Kunstler: Do you know why you're on trial here?
Abbie Hoffman: We carried certain ideas across state lines. Not machine guns or drugs or little girls. Ideas. When we crossed from New York to New Jersey to Pennsylvania to Ohio to Illinois, we had certain ideas. And for that, we were gassed, beaten, arrested, and put on trial.

John Froines: This is the Academy Awards of protests and as far as I'm concerned it's an honor just to be nominated.

Lee Weiner: This is the Academy Awards of protests and as far as I'm concerned it's an honor just to be nominated.

Reporter Jack: How much is it worth to you? What's your price?
Abbie Hoffman: To call off the revolution?
Reporter Jack: What's your price?
Abbie Hoffman: My life.

Abbie Hoffman: That's right, we're not goin' to jail because of what we did, we're goin' to jail because of who we are.

William Kunstler: Maybe you don't want to call it the Conspiracy Office.
Bernadine: They understand the irony, and appreciate the humour.
William Kunstler: I wouldn't count on it.
Bernadine: Most people are smart, Bill.
William Kunstler: Well, if you believe that, you'll get your heart broken every day of your life.

Audio problem: When we are first introduced to Hayden lecturing the classroom, the shots from behind do not match the sound with the movement of his jaw.

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