The Trial of the Chicago 7

Continuity mistake: When Dellinger is about to leave home to Chicago her wife's hand swaps between being on the boy's shoulder or over his left bicep.

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Audio problem: When we are first introduced to Hayden lecturing the classroom, the shots from behind do not match the sound with the movement of his jaw.

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Ramsey Clark: I'm in private practice now, and if John Mitchell wants to cut me in half, he can and he will.
Tom Hayden: You have to find some... Sir, you have to find some courage now.
Ramsey Clark: Find some courage? Yeah.
Tom Hayden: Yes. You have to find some courage, and...
Leonard Weinglass: Tom.
Ramsey Clark: That's what those two men came to tell me, that if John Mitchell wants to cut me in half, he can and he will. So I wanted them in the room when I said 'When do you want me in court?'
Howard Ackerman: Mr. Clark?
William Kunstler: I'm sorry?
Ramsey Clark: Swear me in, Bill.
Howard Ackerman: It is against the law for you to testify, Ramsey. It is as simple as that.
Ramsey Clark: It's General Clark. And arrest me or shut the fuck up. [Looks at Hayden] Found some.

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