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Urban Cowboy (1980)

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Corrected entry: When John Travolta is about to get on the mechanical bull for the first time the bull operator asks if he is right or left-handed - he says right, so the guy gives him a left handed glove. This makes no sense, because the prisoner who is a real bull rider is right handed and he also rides right handed. I don't remember but I believe Travolta rides with his right hand anyway.

Correction: In bull riding you ride with the opposite hand that you are,i.e. if you are right handed you would ride with your left.

Other mistake: When Bud is hit by the mechanical bull, he jumps up shouting "You broke my godd**n arm.", and this is a point thought the next 45 minutes or so. The cast he is seen wearing however is only given for a broken thumb, not a broken arm, which is where he was hit.


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Bud: What does your daddy do?
Pam: Daddy does oil - and all that that implies.

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Trivia: Sissy's and Bud's trailer park is on Paramount Blvd. In Pico Rivera, CA.

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