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I'm not sure if this is supposed to be an actual remake of "Dune" (1984) or a variation, but I know I did not finish watching the latter because I found it boring and simply did not like it. "Dune" (2021) IS watchable (maybe I'm more tolerant) and on the interesting side, plus has a lot of special effects... but it is also quite long (over 2.5 hours). I never read the book, so I could not anticipate what was going to happen and I had to pay attention to all the names, places, new "substances" and significance of the attire, etc. Even while paying attention, however, there are many instances where I didn't understand what was developing (e.g, in Paul) or what it was supposed to mean. I think this type of movie (science fiction with fantasy and drama) appeals to a particular audience and would be well-received for those whom did not think "Dune" (1984) deserved such poor reviews and/or like science fiction movies in general... and can spare 2.5 hours to watch a movie. (4-star potential).


Nice film. To be seen in 3D and on large screen... Its lengthy - about 2.5 hours and slower in pace... but still worth watching for wonderful VFX of planets, fight scenes and characters.

Dune (2021) is a grand, lavish spectacle that features a boy named Paul who, after the betrayal of his father, fights for honor and the well-being of the planet Arrakis. Based upon a best-selling book by Frank Herbert, Dune has a starring cast, great visuals, some action, OK dialogue and interesting world-building. Part 1 is paired down a bit, things are shadowy said, and the music can get a bit oppressive at times, but otherwise a great film! I look forward to Part 2 to see Feyd, the Emperor Shaddam IV, and others.

Erik M.

Revealing mistake: When Paul and his father Leto are walking through the field between storage bins/sheds, the sheds are largely situated perpendicular to their path. After they stop walking, the angle of the shed behind them shifts to being roughly horizontal to their path. A front shot of Paul still shows a shed on the opposite side as being perpendicular. The background also changes to blurred, still images of dried grass (with no light breeze). (00:14:09 - 00:14:43)


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Gaius Helen Mohiam: You've proven you can rule yourself. Now you must learn to rule others, something none of your ancestors learnt.
Paul Atreides: My father rules an entire planet.
Gaius Helen Mohiam: He's losing it.
Paul Atreides: He's getting a richer one.
Gaius Helen Mohiam: He'll lose that one too.

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Trivia: "Spice" - the most important and valuable substance - is produced by sandworm larvae; the substance produced by the larvae is called "melange."


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