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Corrected entry: It is questionable if there can be "sandstorms powerful enough to cut through metal." The year may be 10191 and "Arrakis" unknown to contemporary society, but the sandstorms would have to be at least comparable to the capabilities of modern day SAND BLASTERS that might do that type of damage operating at 1,000 MPH. IF the sand storms were that powerful, the people probably could not survive them. (00:05:50)


Correction: It's just hyperbole, like when someone says, "The sleet was cutting like daggers." It's meant to emphasize how powerful and dangerous the sandstorms are, not that the sand could literally cut metal.

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That's not the impression I got. There would be too much of a gap between cutting skin/flesh from bones (already not very likely) to cutting through metal. Such an exaggeration would not be necessary.


Even if not hyperbole, it might be that the sandstorms can cut through/wear down metal over time, possibly quite a short time, making it a technically accurate statement. They don't say they can cut through metal instantly or like a knife through butter.

Revealing mistake: When Paul and his father Leto are walking through the field between storage bins/sheds, the sheds are largely situated perpendicular to their path. After they stop walking, the angle of the shed behind them shifts to being roughly horizontal to their path. A front shot of Paul still shows a shed on the opposite side as being perpendicular. The background also changes to blurred, still images of dried grass (with no light breeze). (00:14:09 - 00:14:43)


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Trivia: "Spice" - the most important and valuable substance - is produced by sandworm larvae; the substance produced by the larvae is called "melange."


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