Continuity mistake: Paul's bangs often change from pressed to the side to a few or many long strands dangling in front. For example, walking through the field with his father, right side views usually showed no or only a couple thin strands dangling but front views usually showed several thicker longer strands dangling down his cheek. Paul kept his arms along the side of his body and the occasional light breeze cannot explain the variation. (00:14:35 - 00:15:26)


Continuity mistake: When Leto stood up after getting shocked, the location and image of the bloody handprint was different. The bloody handprint was more on the top of his sleeve than lapel, largely comprised of four vertical lines to depict the woman's fingers, and the palm print was less noticeable. (01:18:06)


Other mistake: When the injured woman put her bloody right hand over Leto's left shoulder, her fingers were initially curved around his shoulder then slid down. The bloody handprint (too "neat") ended up being lower on his shirt/lapel than would be expected and there was no blood on top of his shoulder or smear downward, which would be impossible. (01:18:00)


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Gaius Helen Mohiam: One day, a legend will be born. All of civilization depends on it.

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Trivia: "Spice" - the most important and valuable substance - is produced by sandworm larvae; the substance produced by the larvae is called "melange."


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