Undercover Blues

Other mistake: In the scene after Jeff 'singlehandedly foils a bank robbery' and is arrested, Mrs. Blue and baby are sitting at the detective's desk. In the background of certain shots you can see Sawyer on the phone, always in the same position. But a moment later, the phone rings, camera still with Sawyer still in position although he doesn't move to answer the phone or speak. Then he moves and announces to the detective that the phone is for him when he didn't even answer the phone.

Audio problem: In the beginning, when the Blues are at the wedding and Jeff is taking the baby from Jane he says "Dance with me" but his lips don't match.

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Lt. Theodore 'Ted' Sawyer: Where are you from?
Jane Blue: North Adams, Massachusetts. Why?
Lt. Theodore 'Ted' Sawyer: Just asking.

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Question: What happened to the getaway driver after Jeff knocks him out? Where did his body go?

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