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Corrected entry: Early in the movie, Ryback throws a knife into a bullseye, and it sticks in the lower center of the circle. Later, he pulls it out from the right side of the circle.

Movie Nut

Correction: Time passes between when Ensign Taylor talks to Ryback (after which we see him throw the knife), and when Commander Krill enters the galley and has Ryback locked up. Plenty of time for Ryback to have retrieved his knife and thrown it again.


Corrected entry: The captain was shot as he sat in his chair and when we left the scene he was still there but when Casey later entered the captain's quarters he was laying on the floor quite far from the chair so even if he slipped down he wouldn't have been in the right position.

Correction: His body may have been moved by someone for whatever reason anytime between when Strannix and Krill were there and Casey.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ryback first encounters Jordan after she jumps out of the cake and he takes her into another room, she asks, "what happened to all those guys?" and Ryback starts interrogating her about the helicopter. Jordan starts babbling about "I don't remember anything yada yada yada". Ryback then asks "how many on board?", etc.and she says that she doesn't remember anything. She then asks him if he is some kind of "special forces guy or something" and he says " I'm just a lowly, lowly cook". She then says, "we're all going to die". The problem is that Ryback has not told her about the situation. If she doesn't remember anything and doesn't know anything then why would she say "we're all going to die"?

Correction: She just had a gun pointed at her head and was being interrogated. She may not have known what was exactly going on, but she is not stupid and realised something awful was.


Corrected entry: An Iowa class battleship 16 inch gun turret requires 77 men to operate. There is no way Ryback and his 6 or 7 guys could operate the turret, let alone fire and reload in the time given.

Correction: There's often a difference between minimum required personnel and a normal gun crew. I've operated British artillery that requires a crew of 7, but one person who knows the drill could operate it just as easily - just not as quickly. One could assume that the crew of 77 is required to operate all three guns in the turret, under battle conditions, maintaining a high rate of fire. Are all 77 personnel required to load and fire one or two rounds?

Corrected entry: As Ryback and his crew prepare to load the 16-inch gun with its first round, you see them being very rough with the 110-pound bags of propellant. This is especially true when the bags are rolled out of the bag hoist and they are allowed to simply "fall out" and slam into the cradle. Anyone working with bags of explosive like that is taking a huge risk.

Correction: It is not a mistake if the characters act carelessly.


Corrected entry: Tomahawk cruise missiles on the Iowa class battleships are stored and fired from the armored box launchers mounted on the superstructure. To offload them you would build a crane to swing them over onto the sub. Why build a rail system inside the ship, when the missiles are not inside the ship at all?

Correction: Strannix gives the order to "chop up Broadway" which is main fore and aft passageway of the ship. It is also much wider than the other passageways on the ship, hence the nickname "Broadway". Most, if not all, warships have a rail system running down the center to transfer the huge 16-inch projectiles to and from the 3 main turret magazines where they are normally stored (and probably other large items as well). The railing system is being dismantled and used to build the crane on the exterior of the ship. The finished crane is then shown near the end of the movie transferring the Tomahawks to submarine.

Corrected entry: At the start of the movie, Rybeck must make a soup for 1900 crewmembers. Yet in the caboose there's only a few cooking pots (surely not enough to feed 1900 people). Also, Rybeck is slicing a handful of carrots with a simple knife, but you'd expect he'd need several pounds of vegetables and an electric blender to cut them.

Correction: It is later revealed when Ens. Taylor is telling Rybeck and his crew to clear the galley by 1700 because they're having the dinner flown in from Hawaii, to which Rybeck says 'Negative, I'm the only one that cooks for the captain, if you don't like that, go talk to him.' which would mean that he is the captain's personal cook, this is also mentioned later when the admirals are talking about what happened after Rybeck punched his commanding officer when he was a SEAL.

In regard to Ryback slicing vegetables by hand. I've worked on large dinners (500+) with only a handful of cooks, and we hand sliced all vegetables at the direction of our Executive Chef. Chief Ryback likely has a much larger crew assisting him. Also, he's slicing celery, not carrots.

Corrected entry: The bad guys construct 'rails' to move the missiles out of the ship, but even before construction, the yellow/black rails are clearly visible, when the captive sailors are being ushered into the holding cell.

Correction: The Bad Guys are not constructing the rails from scratch, they are cutting the rails from other places around the ship and reassembling them so they can offload the missiles. The ship probably already has cranes to load the missiles - why not just use them?

Corrected entry: After taking control of the ship, the navy sends an F-18 to the Missouri "to look for the helicopter" as Stranex's man puts it. Let's see. The Missouri is returning to the mainland. It's still carrying its nuclear arsenal and the navy is worried because the helicopter that brought the party guys is missing? Someone's priorities are misplaced.

Correction: This is just the first sign that something is wrong and that the Navy is suspicious. They don't expect to hear from the ship all the time but were expecting the helicopter back and when it hadn't arrived they figured something was up.

David Mercier

Corrected entry: Seagal puts some stuff in the microwave that should explode when being heated. When the bad guys are in the kitchen, they hear the microwave beep, then the thing explodes. It's highly unlikely that a homemade bomb will explode at exactly the set time, down to the second, which is over 15 minutes.


Correction: That is because Segal had turned off the power, so the microwave was not on. When the terrorists enter the kitchen, they turn the power on. Once the power turns on, the microwave comes on, and then explodes a few seconds later.

Bruce Minnick

You definitely hear the microwave ding just before it explodes. Makes no sense. This has haunted me for years.

Corrected entry: The terrorists who wear IFBs, wear them incorrectly. They have them clipped on the front of their shirts, and then put in the ear. The correct way is to have the cable clipped onto the back of the shirt, and then cord goes over the ear, and into it, making sure the cords do not get in their way.


Correction: They are terrorists, not trained soldiers, likely not trained in how to properly wear the IFB's. Aside from that, it would be a character(s) mistake, not a movie mistake.

It could also be a "crew thing" where all their guys just wear them like that.

Corrected entry: In the scene where they begin attempting to transfer the missiles, it shows the submarine tied up next to the Iowa, both ships dead in the water. This is basically impossible, as ocean currents would eventually smash the two ships together, probably causing catastrophic damage. When the U.S. Navy does replenishment at sea, the ships are always moving out of necessity.

Correction: That may be true for US Naval procedures; but the ship and the sub are under the control of terrorists who probably don't know that fact. They might have just got lucky that the current didn't pick up during the transfer causing them to crash together. Arguably, the traitor naval officer may have known that fact, but then that would be a character mistake, since he never bought it to the terrorists' attention even though he wasn't in charge of the operation.


Factual error: When the ship launches the missile to take out the satellite building in Hawaii they shoot a Harpoon missile. The Harpoon is only an anti-ship missile, and can't be used against land targets.

Darren Manick

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Trivia: Early on in the film an officer shows a copy of Playboy magazine to a crewman. Erika Eleniak was the centerfold in that issue of Playboy.

John Elwen

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Question: Early on in the film Casey cracks a joke about "Andre and Boudreau going hunting down on the Bayou". He then delivers a punch line. The question is what does he actually say?

Answer: I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, LA. I heard plenty of Beaudreaux - Thibodeaux jokes growing up. I haven't the faintest idea what the joke was supposed to be. I ended up here trying to find the answer. Under Siege just popped up on NetFlix and I haven't seen it since I was a teenager. I stopped the video to try to look up this random joke. If it's a real Southern joke, maybe it comes from Mississippi or Arkansas.

Answer: If you have the DVD and use the subtitles feature you can see he says with a heavy bayou accent "Where're the guns, Druillet?" and then he repeats it. It must be a southern thing.

Answer: It doesn't mean anything actually it's just dialogue they made up for the film with no actual meaning.

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