Bill & Ted Face the Music

Other mistake: At the end, when Bill and Ted reunite with their wives, one of them mentioned hearing Ted say something about distributing instruments to everyone throughout all time. However, Ted said this a minute or 2 before they arrived. We even see the phonebooth they are in land after the statement was made. Therefore, there was no way for his wife to hear him say that.


Character mistake: When Death is playing hopscotch by himself he says "best 75 out of 81." But it would be best 75 out of 149.


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Ted: Please enjoy the first three movements of...
Both Bill and Ted: That Which Binds Us Through Time, The Chemical, Physical, and Biological Nature of Love, An Exploration of the Meaning of Meaning.
Bill: Part One.


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Question: I do not remember seeing Bill and Ted dressed as women (was that actually them?) get in the telephone booth to go get their wives. Was this explained somewhere?

Answer: That was their wives' future selves I believe.

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