The Willoughbys
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The Cat: I know what you're thinking, 'cause I'm thinking exactly the same thing: What's in the box? And can we empty it so I can sit in it?

Barnaby A and B: It's a candy factory.
Barnaby A and B: So many machines.
Barnaby A and B: So many buttons.
Barnaby A and B: Levers.
Barnaby A and B: Buttons.
Barnaby A and B: Levers.
Barnaby A and B: Buttons.
Barnaby A and B: Levers.
Barnaby A and B: Buttons.

Father: I'm your father, and that sweet woman that you insulted with your rude birth is Mother. If you need love, I beg you, find it elsewhere. Thank you. Oh, you are Tim, and you are a Willoughby. Good day, sir.

Tim: We sailed a dirigible over an ocean! Climbed the unclimbable.
Barnaby A and B: We didn't actually climb.
Barnaby A and B: I know, but it's a nice speech.

Jane: We're hungry.
Barnaby A and B: Haven't eaten in hours.
Barnaby A and B: Days. Starving.
Barnaby A and B: What's Food?

Continuity mistake: Tim is showing the Nanny's phone to the others. He plays the message from his parents, but does it tapping the bottom part of the touchscreen, while the media file and its "play" button as established in previous views, is at the top. Likewise, when he turns towards Jane asking "Do you want to be taken care of?" he is pointing at the bottom of the device, but in the reverse shot his finger is at the top. (00:43:30)

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