Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge
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Sonya Blade: I guess Raiden was wrong.
Johnny Cage: Oh. Ya think?
Liu Kang: No. Stay together. We'll survive. We have to.
Johnny Cage: Yeah. We better. I need to make it home so I can kill my agent.

Sonya Blade: Fuck with the Blade, you're gonna get cut.

Scorpion: Hanzo is dead. Call me Scorpion.

Hanzo Hasashi: Life is cruel, Satoshi. It doesn't care where you are from, what god you pray to. It is. So, you must face it head-on.

Liu Kang: You both made it. Good. I fear it's only gonna get harder from here.
Johnny Cage: Whoa. Wait. What's gonna get harder? I just fought a walking pair of teeth on the side of a mountain. I'm not Tom Cruise, you know. I act. I leave that stunt shit to the stunt people.

Johnny's Ex: Call me when you grow up.
Johnny Cage: So, I can still call her then. That's a W.

Trivia: Despite the video-game series being quite bloody and gory, this is actually the first "Mortal Kombat" movie to receive an R-rating.


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