True Lies

Continuity mistake: When Arnold is talking to the horse after being pulled up on the roof by the reins, his right hand moves from holding the reins considerably far from the horse's mouth to right up next to it between shots. (00:40:35)

Revealing mistake: In the scene where the limo crashes off the bridge after Hellen Tasker has been picked up in the chopper, the camera pans back to show a strut of some sort is falling from below the limo. (01:58:35)

Continuity mistake: When the terrorists burst in on Jamie and Arnie in the hotel room, the positions of Arnie's hands change between shots. Once going from being by his side to one being behind his head instantly. (01:26:25)

David Mercier

Continuity mistake: When Harry picks the handcuffs right after he receives the truth injection, he still has the handcuffs hanging off his hand. After he kills the guard with the hook, he grabs Helen and says "let's go". He doesn't have time to take the handcuffs off his hand but they are gone. (01:40:10)

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Continuity mistake: When Simon takes Harry for a ride in his car, he drives with his left hand on the wheel and his right arm down near his side. But in one shot he pats Harry on the shoulder, and suddenly his arm is up on the back of the seat. (00:53:45)


Continuity mistake: When Arnie leaves the snow hill and meets the van, snow suddenly appears on his right shoulder, between shots.

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Revealing mistake: When Harry has beaten Samir and his guards, he then has a fight outside with 4 or so terrorists in amongst some pallets. You can see in some shots that it's not Arnold but the stunt double doing some of the fight scenes. (01:41:25)

Continuity mistake: When the horse stops and flips Arnie over the edge of the building the number of glasses on the Marriott's "A" change between shots. (00:39:40)

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Continuity mistake: Early on when Arnold is setting a bomb up in Austria, he has his coat on. In the very next shot, it's off. Then it's back on again. (00:04:05)

Continuity mistake: When Harry and Gibb realize they are being followed by the station wagon, they and the terrorist pull over in front of the sidewalk twice.


Continuity mistake: During the fight in the limo between Jamie and Juno, some stray shots go through the roof, creating obvious bullet holes. They change quantity and position a few times in the subsequent shots. Also, in the shot when Arnold lifts Jamie out of the limo and it takes a header into the water, the bullet holes are completely gone.

Revealing mistake: When Aziz (Art Malik) goes flying stuck to the missile, you can see a blue harness under his shirt just before he hits the helicopter. Only noticeable in the close up shot of his face and body.


Revealing mistake: When Aziz (Art Malik) shoots at Harry (Arnold) in the bathroom, he has a rifle with two magazines taped together. If you look closely, the second magazine taped next to the one in the gun is empty. He then reloads the gun by flipping the second, empty, magazine and loading it.


Visible crew/equipment: After Harry finds out Helen is cheating on him with Simon, there is a scene at the house where the camera pulls in on the family eating dinner. In this shot the shadow of the camera can be seen creeping onto the windowsill.

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Audio problem: When Harry is walking across the street after finding out Helen is having an affair, the bus beeps its horn but the driver's hands remain on the wheel.


Continuity mistake: When Jamie first enters the hotel room, she moves up to the table with the champagne on it. But, moments later, she proceeds to move up to the table again, right before Arnold says hello.

Other mistake: During the bathroom shootout scene, the terrorist shoots the bathroom stall walls from a heavy angle. When the walls and doors are shown from the front while being opened, the bullet holes go directly through both walls of the doors, which would only look like that if they were shot from directly in front.

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Revealing mistake: While the credits roll, Harry enters the Swiss mansion, the camera turns to a green-coloured night-vision filter and one can notice that the man entering the house is Harry's stunt double.

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Helen: Have you ever killed anyone?
Harry: Yeah, but they were all bad.

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Trivia: The shots of Jamie Leigh Curtis hanging beneath the helicopter were filmed on her 35th birthday.

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Question: How could Harry have known what floor the terrorist leader was going to get off on during the hotel chase sequence?


Chosen answer: He didn't really. Harry just knew he was heading up. He pressed the top floor to get the elevator moving and kept an eye on him on the way up. If the terrorist's elevator suddenly stops, Harry can press the button for that floor to stop his elevator.


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