The Coldest Game

The Coldest Game (2019)

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Factual error: Throughout the movie, scenes of the chess tournament room show the American flag incorrectly vertically hung (stars on blue upper left is proper), while the Soviet flag is correctly vertically hung. No real American vs. Soviet tournament would make that mistake.

Factual error: The Cadillac that stalks Professor Joshua Mansky at the beginning of the movie when he gets in the bar has a license plate (517-UCE) with a number format and design not compatible with the time period, the 70s at earliest. The movie is set in 1962. (00:03:30)

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Title Card: In the early 1960s, U.S. - Soviet realtions are the worst in the history of the Cold War. After the Cuban Revolution, Soviet troops are only 100 miles from Florida.
Title Card: In October 1962, President Kennedy is informed of silos built in Cuba and increased Soviet military activity. It looks like preparations for war.
Title Card: A global war.
Title Card: A nuclear global war.

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