Tough Guys

Tough Guys (1986)


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Leon B. Little: I wanna get a hundred of those coppers.
Harry Doyle: There's only fifty Leon.
Leon B. Little: So? I'll shoot 'em all twice.

Gang leader: I don't know how old you is, but you ain't getting any older.

Harry Doyle: What the hell are you doing here? I thought you was workin'.
Archie Long: I quit.
Harry Doyle: You quit?
Archie Long: Couldn't take it anymore. People treating me like dirt ever since I got out of jail. Sweeping out toilets, scraping crud off dishes, my girlfriend tryin' to kill me with sex - and I'm dressing like Bozo the Clown, just to fit in! I don't want to fit in anymore.
Harry Doyle: That makes two of us.

Leon B. Little: Surrender's for wimps! I vote we die.

Leon B. Little: How can you live in a hell hole like this? If I lived in a place like this I'd kill myself in an hour.
Belle: You've been here 45 minutes.

Archie Long: Well, Derek... Am I hot?
Derek: You're practically on fire.

Derek: Our colors are cherry, peach, lime, olive, and avocado.
Archie Long: I don't want to eat the suit, I just want to wear it.

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