Toy Story 2
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Hamm: Where did you get the cool belt, Buzz?
Buzz Lightyear #2: Well, slotted pig, these are standard issue.

Buzz #2: Buzz Lightyear to Star Command. I've got an AWOL space ranger here.
Buzz: Tell me I wasn't this delusional.
Buzz #2: No backtalk! I have a laser, and I will use it!
Buzz: You mean the laser that's a lightbulb!?

Andy: You must choose, Sheriff Woody. How shall she die? Shark, or death by monkeys?

Woody: I don't have a choice, Buzz. This is my only chance.
Buzz Lightyear: To do what, Woody? Watch kids from behind glass and never be loved again? Some life.

Rex: Guys, we can't park here. It's a white zone.

Hamm: You heard of Kung Fu? Well, get ready for pork chops!

Rex: I can't look. Could somebody please cover my eyes?

Buzz Lightyear #2: Hang tight, everyone! I'm going to let go of the wall!
Rex: What?!
Mr.Potato Head: He wouldn't!
Buzz Lightyear #2: One...
Hamm: He would.
Buzz Lightyear #2: Two...
[Rex, Hamm, Slinky, and Mr. Potato Head shouting]
Buzz Lightyear #2: three.

Woody: You're right, Prospector. I can't stop Andy from growing up... But I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Buzz Lightyear: Woody once risked his life to save mine, and I couldn't call myself his friend if I wasn't willing to do the same. Now who's with me?

Stinky Pete the Prospector: It's your choice, Woody. Either you can go to Japan together or in pieces. He fixed you once, he can fix you again. Now get in the box.

Jessie: You never forget kids like Emily, or Andy, but they forget you.

Barbie: And this is the Buzz Lightyear aisle. Back in 1995, short-sighted retailers did not order enough dolls to meet demand.

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Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie when the 'false' Buzz Light Year is running along the air conditioning ducts his 'New Utility Belt' disappears then reappears again. (01:01:55)

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Trivia: When Buzz first sees Zurg's Power source at the start of the movie, the sound effect used is the same as the black spherical droid in Star Wars that goes to interrogate Princess Leia. (00:03:25)


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Question: When Woody is trying to explain to Jesse, Stinky Pete and Bullseye why he was at the yard sale before Al finds him, Stinky Pete interrupts him. Why?

Answer: As we learn later, Stinky Pete has his own agenda. He's seizing on the fact that Woody was being sold as a way to convince Woody to go to the museum.

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