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Continuity mistake: When Buzz wants to prove that he can fly, he jumps off Andy's bed and ends up on the loop car track, and the three stacked wood blocks (letters A, C, E) suddenly appear in front of the wicker hamper between shots.

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Continuity mistake: When Buzz watches the TV commercial and realizes that he's really a toy, by the time "Al's Toy Barn" is mentioned and he reads "made in Taiwan" on his arm, one of the soda cans on the floor changes its position and the trash bin with the crumpled paper around it vanishes.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where toys in Sid's room make their first appearance, they crowd around the middle of the room and pull at Janie's body and the Pterodactyls head. The shot cuts to Woody on Buzz looking horrified. When it goes back to the toys, they're dragging a different dolls body away (the same one that is seen sitting for tea with Buzz in Hannah's room in a later scene). (00:40:50)

Continuity mistake: When Buzz looks at his foot and sees ANDY written on it, at first it's sloppy and a bit backward with a misshapen A, but when the angle changes it's a lot neater. (00:22:05)

Continuity mistake: When Buzz and Woody are riding RC, holding onto Slink in the end, there's a shot where the truck turns to the left on a bend. Slinky gets stretched further, and RC goes off to the right side of the road due to centrifugal force. We can see that RC is going to go under a parked car. The camera switches to the front and we see the car pass from further right. They never end up going under it and tangling Slinky in the wheel. (01:12:00)


Continuity mistake: The objects on Hannah's play table change position between two consecutive shots. Most notably Buzz's arm holding the teapot, as well as Buzz's legs. (00:49:20)


Continuity mistake: Near the start, when Woody mentions the party being moved to today, there are 2 black spots on the wheel by the toy box that change place. Note the spoke of the wheel.

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Continuity mistake: Towards the end when Potato Head and Ham are playing Battleship and Woody is yelling from Sid's room, Buzz is wearing the apron that Hannah put on him. He's wearing it throughout that whole scene except when the toys in Sid's room are fixing him and Woody says; "you're not gonna eat him, you monsters."

Continuity mistake: When Woody plans to knock Buzz behind a desk, if you look closely at the globe in a box next to the bulletin board, it is slightly off-position in its stand. Later, when the bulletin board begins to fall on the globe, the globe is positioned correctly. (00:24:40 - 00:26:00)


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Other mistake: When Rex shakes the table causing the baby monitor to fall, the batteries fall out and we see the open battery compartment with markings for positive (+) and negative (-), and space for two AA batteries. Woody jumps off the bed and places the two batteries inside the compartment, but before he closes the compartment note the position of the battery closest to the top of the monitor. The positive side is actually where the negative side should be so the monitor should not work, but the monitor turns on just in time to hear the soldier's warning. (00:13:15)

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Buzz: I just want you to know that although you tried to terminate me, revenge is not an idea we promote on my planet.
Woody: Oh, well, that's good.
Buzz: But we're not on my planet, are we?
Woody: No.

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Trivia: The carpet design used in Sid's house is the same design used in the hotel featured in The Shining (1980). (00:48:55 - 00:50:10)

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Suggested correction: The designs are not the same, only superficially similar.

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The design is spot on. The color is just different.


So it is identical, except for how it is different?

No one said it was identical. The trivia is the pattern is the same. Color has no bearing on the trivial fact. The fact that they animated the carpet means the design was intentional. Although, it's possible they copied the design from a 70's carpet pattern that "The Shining" also used, rather than copy the design in "The Shining."


The colours are reversed but other than that they are the same.

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Question: I was wondering. Does Sid destroy toys because his father beats/abuses Sid, so Sid lets out his anger on toys? This would explain all the locks on Sid's door, to hide from his father and to hide what he does to toys. When Scud is looking for Woody, he notices Sid's father sleeping, and Scud walks away, which could mean that Scud doesn't want to wake up Sid's father knowing he is a cruel and violent man.

Answer: This is a Disney/Pixar production, at no point are they intimating that kind of a relationship between son and father. If anything, the father simply doesn't care what his son gets up to so long as he isn't disturbed by it. Any other inferences you get from the movie are for you to contend with, but the family nature of the movie would suggest beating/abuse is not the answer.


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