Trivia: The stuffed rabbit was originally meant to be a real rabbit, but this was changed during production for safety reasons and due to the complexity and gruelling nature of the film.


Trivia: Spoilers: Director William Eubank has confirmed that the enormous monster seen at the end of the film is indeed meant to be Cthulu from the stories of H.P. Lovecraft.


Trivia: "It" director Andy Muschietti reportedly helped give the production tips and advice on how to put together a horror movie during pre-production.


Trivia: The final film released under the "20th Century Fox" banner, which was redubbed "20th Century Studios" after Disney bought the studio from Fox.


Factual error: The "hard suits" the divers wear have soft, relatively normal gloves and soft joints. More akin to a football uniform with armor over spandex. They are at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, at 36,0000 feet below sea level. The pressure is over 7,000 psi. Without a hard suit, they would instantly be crushed.

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Question: In the beginning of the film, the sea monster thing was mistaken for a level 10-11 earthquake. If it was that powerful, wouldn't it be creating tsunamis? The same thing with their thermal energy core that Sarah blows up. Wouldn't it cause a tsunami? I don't really know geology very well so sorry if this is stupid.

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