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Richard Jewell (2019)

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Other mistake: During the Macarena, the extra on stage closest to the camera is wearing an Apple Watch which was not yet available. (00:18:17)

Other mistake: When the FBI returns their belongings to the apartment, they exit via the kitchen, where there is no door.

Continuity mistake: When Richard returns home from the FBI office, he grabs his backpack when he gets out of his truck. When he enters his home he doesn't have the backpack. (01:03:54)


Other mistake: At the beginning of the press conference with Richard's mother, one of the photographers is using a Canon EOS 1D, which did not come out until 2001.

Continuity mistake: Richard is eating a donut at the end. He takes several bites from it. After the FBI leaves and Richard has read the note, the donut is largely intact again.

manthabeat Premium member

Audio problem: When Kenny Rogers is singing on stage, several times we see the video screen. The timing is off with the audio. Rogers doesn't have the mic to his mouth at one point but is still singing.

manthabeat Premium member

Other mistake: When Kenny Rogers sings and Richard's mom claps, everybody is looking at the left except for a man with a hat who can't help staring at the camera all the time.

Sacha Premium member

Factual error: A modern conference call system can be seen on the desk inside the FBI office.

Factual error: At the beginning of the movie Richard Jewell is playing an arcade shooting game, this is being upscaled on an HD LCD monitor which were not used in arcade games at the time.

Bobi Jewell: Why do you keep defending them?
Richard Jewell: I'm not defending, just explaning.
Bobi Jewell: Well, stop it.

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