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Marriage Story (2019)

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Factual error: In the courtroom scene, the seal behind the judge reads, "United States District Court for the Southern District of California." This is a mistake - the US District courts are federal courts, they have no jurisdiction to hear divorce cases. The proper venue for this case would be the Superior Court of Los Angeles County, which is the state court with jurisdiction to hear family law cases in Los Angeles, California. The seal should have the state court name, not the federal one. (01:30:34)


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Continuity mistake: In the first scene at Grandma's house, she wakes Nicole and Henry up early, and tells him to go make mom some coffee. Between shots there are different continuity errors; at first the sheet is rumpled, then the blanket is covering it entirely, then when Grandma leans in and kisses him you can notice Scarlett's right arm first on her chest then behind her back, and Azhy Robertson's chest is uncovered in the second shot when he was still under the blanket up to his neck earlier. (00:15:40)

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Visible crew/equipment: As the camera follows Nicole out of the subway station at the beginning of the movie we see the shadow of the camera on her back briefly when she turns. (00:00:28)


Charlie: We didn't have a deal it was something we discussed.
Nora Fanshaw: So it's a deal when it's something you want. And a discussion when Nicole wants it?

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