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Factual error: The Charles Dickens classic "A Christmas Carol" was first published in 1843; and, although Dickens never mentioned the specific year in which this story is set, it is fairly obvious that he was inspired by the severe winter of 1840, when Great Britain saw sleet, ice, snow and below-average temperatures from early December through February. This made-for-television Hallmark Entertainment production (starring Patrick Stewart) is a faithful interpretation of the Dickens novel, depicting rather severe weather for Great Britain in December, with accumulated snow on rooftops and in the streets. However, despite the snow and bitter cold that is mentioned repeatedly throughout the movie, nobody's breath condensation is ever visible when speaking, laughing, singing or shouting outdoors. This is no doubt due to the fact that the movie was produced during the spring and summer of 1999.

Charles Austin Miller

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Question: If the 3 visiting ghosts did it all in one night like Scrooge said on Christmas morning why did his dead partner tell him the first tomorrow when the bell tolls 1, the 2nd spirit at the same time the next night, and the 3rd the night following at 12?

Answer: This is really a question for the author, Charles Dickens, but I see it as Marley wanting to put fear and anticipation or suspense into Scrooge. It sets the stage for him to think he's going to have to deal with the horror of these ghosts visits for three nights in a row. But then, after the third ghost, he thinks he's missed Christmas, but in his mind, it was a miracle that the ghosts were able to do it all in one night, making the day even more special.


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