Bad Boys for Life
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Captain Howard: Look at this mess! It’s carnage!
Mike: I didn’t do all this.
Captain Howard: You didn’t shoot anybody?
Mike: Oh, come on, Captain. You know I shot some people.

Marcus: Mike we got more time behind us than in front.
Mike: Please. I’m going to be running down criminals till I’m a hundred.

Marcus Burnett: Look, all our lives, we've been bad boys, all right? Now it's time to be good men.
Mike Lowery: Who, in the hell, wanna sing that song? [Singing poorly] Good men, good men. What you gonna do?
Marcus: Well, maybe if you sang the song like you meant it, it'd catch on.


Maya Dunsmore: [To Mike] Who wants to kill you?
Marcus: I don’t trust a person that don’t want to kill him. Hell, put my name up there.

Marcus: I’m done, Mike. I’m retiring.
Mike: Uh-oh. Here we go again.
Marcus: Do you want your legacy to be muscle shirts and body counts?

Continuity mistake: When Marcus sees his baby grandson, a nurse in the background is picking up a white diaper. In the close-up the diaper is now blue.

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