Christmas Inheritance

Plot hole: The gag about Ellen not find the 'seat number' on the bus is fun, but it makes zero sense that it happens on the moving bus, after an establishing shot of the road, even. She didn't board the bus on the fly, luggage was being loaded still. What was she doing, making still her way into the bus minutes later? (00:13:00)

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Plot hole: Snow Falls is a minuscule town with no cell phone signal, one cab, a couple buses going in and out all day. A huge snowstorm has been announced, to the point that the Sheriff had to round people up and bring them to the shelters and Jake is housing real refugees from the storm. Later the same night, Jake and Ellie go for a walk in town, which has activity, all stores open, other people taking a nice stroll in the nice foamy fake snow. There shouldn't be a soul in that kind of small town in the middle of the night regardless, but after a storm even? (00:56:10)

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Continuity mistake: When Ellen's dad asks her to hand him the credit cards, she is turning towards him almost fully, but in the reverse shot she's still holding her cart, facing forward with her body. (00:12:20)

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