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Revealing mistake: The film was rushed to theaters, leaving a few mistakes which Universal fixed. In the original cut, toward the end, Judi Dench's human hand is visible, complete with her wedding ring. This was fixed for the re-release.

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Cats mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Bustopher is pulled away from the trash can his face is close to the side with his arms normally stretched. When the angle swaps to a shot from below, his arms are over-stretched and his face is half a meter away from the side. Then it swaps back to the previous angle.

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Cats mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After the trash falls on Bustopher he throws a lobster up the air. A shot later he's crouched and holding a fish spine and another shot later his arms are raised and he has a chicken in his hands.

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Trivia: Universal had to fix various errors due to unfinished CGI, releasing a new version to theaters.

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Question: Much is said about the infamous first released version with Judy Dench's real hand instead of a CGI paw, but I'm watching that same version now and ALL of the cats have real human hands. How is this not also a mistake? Or is it that the mistake is Dench's ring on her finger? Do the actors' human hands change to paws in the CGI-fixed second version?

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Answer: The issue wasn't about her hand looking human but, as you mentioned, that she was wearing her own ring, which was digitally removed in the revised version.

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