Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Continuity mistake: When Rey is shown for the first time while undergoing training in the forest she falls to the ground face-down. When she gets up her clothes are soiled with dirt as expected, but in all shots after that, in the same forest sequence, her clothes are perfectly clean again.

Other mistake: Rey pilots Luke's X-wing to Exegol from Ahch-to. However, the door to Luke's hut on Ahch-to was seen in TLJ to be an X-wing wing. It is even referenced as such in The Last Jedi visual guide which specifically states it's a wing from Luke's fighter. No way to fly it if it's missing a wing, and when it's lifted out of the water we see it has all its wings intact.

Continuity mistake: After the speeder chase, everyone lands in quicksand. In one shot, 3PO is buried headfirst. In the next, he has flipped and his upper body is visible.

Continuity mistake: When Rey enters the Emperor's vault on the Death Star she is wearing her satchel, slung across her body. When she falls out backwards after seeing Dark Rey she is still wearing it, when she stands to confront Ren, it's gone.

Plot hole: While the pair are duelling on Kajimi, Kylo Ren only realises Rey is onboard his ship when the mask of Darth Vader is force-teleported between them. However in this same fight Rey is wielding the dagger, which Kylo must have known was also inside Ren's chambers before the fight. So he should've been able to determine Rey's location earlier.

Jack Tobe
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Suggested correction: While he should have had some idea, it doesn't prove she is in his quarters, only that she has been there. It's also a small item that he may not have noticed in her hand, focusing more on her lightsaber.

Hogwash. He could have easily noticed it, even if he was focused on her lightsaber. Maybe it is small but rather easily noticeable.

I think the biggest point is the mask proves her location whilst the dagger in her hand doesn't.


Other mistake: When Kylo/Ben leaves the Endor system to go to Exogol, he takes an old Imperial TIE Fighter he supposedly found in the Death Star remains. However, it is established in the previous films that that TIE fighters are short range fighters that are not equipped with a hyperdrive.

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Suggested correction: A TIE fighter would never survive the death star crash. Kylo/Ben probably called for a TIE and took that.

But it's an old Imperial TIE, not a new First Order one.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Good point.

Other mistake: The Millennium Falcon crash lands on Kef Bir, leaving a long trail of destruction, supposedly because the landing gear is malfunctioning. However, the Falcon has always had vertical takeoff capability, so even if the landing struts were damaged, there would be no reason for this type of crash landing.

wizard_of_gore Premium member
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Suggested correction: Since so many things always break down on the ship it's possible the vertical landing capabilities were malfunctioning at that time.


However, the characters specifically mention the malfunctioning landing gear as the reason for the crash landing.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Exactly, they needed the landing gear to land but it malfunctioned, resulting in a crash.


A plausible explanation but highly unlikely as it would be a one way trip. The damage caused by a high speed landing and a hard one at that would make the falcon unusable for space flight, the underbelly gun would be ripped off for starters and possible damage to the gunner's window as well and damage to the Hull. Same situation in the force awakens on Starkiller base and in solo. These problems are never addressed or explained but I guess this is the magic of the movies.

Revealing mistake: When Rey is supposed to be dead (before Ben resurrects her), Daisy Ridley blinks momentarily.

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New this month Suggested correction: I just re-watched the scene and she never blinks.

Continuity mistake: When Rey receives the talisman from the young alien who asks her who she is, the chain sits on the collar of her vest differently between shots.

Sammo Premium member

Other mistake: During the lightspeed skipping sequence, there is a scene where two Millennium Falcons appear on screen.

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Suggested correction: There is a scene in which a reflection appears.

Suggested correction: The Millennium Falcon is a YT-1300F light freighter. It might be modified for smuggling, but the basic model isn't unique in the Star Wars universe.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Other mistake: The remains of the Death Star would not look like that after being blown up and then crashing on to a planet, the remains would be a crumpled mass of metal. The Emperor's throne room was situated on top of a tower which was shown in ROTJ - it would not have survived the destruction or the collision with the planet in the way that we see it.

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Suggested correction: The Death Star was built from made up material in a fantasy universe. Its structures can behave differently from things in the real world.

The window frame has a section missing but otherwise is perfectly good, every tiny metal beam didn't deform or break; it would need to have extraordinary physical properties. Every single mechanism is just fine. And that was after a devastating explosion that nearly pulverized everything.

Sammo Premium member

This was a moon sized space station that blew up a planet with a giant ray powered by magic crystals. It already had extraordinary physical properties. (Also, in the new trilogy, we have seen the Falcon banging into things at high speed without much damage, so the movie makers want us to feel that in Star Wars, ships etc are made of stronger material than real life craft).

There is no door/room next to the Emperor's Throne room in ROTJ, and that room is on top of a spire. In TROS the windows are a different size and spaced differently and the outside shot of where the vault room is when looking through the dagger does not resemble the spire at all. Mostly likely this is a different room with a similar throne chair in it. Otherwise, JJ Abrams just super sucks at continuity.

Luke Skywalker: No one's ever really gone.

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Trivia: Music composer John Williams has a cameo as a bartender on the planet Kijimi.

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