Knives Out

Trivia: Jacob Thrombey, the far-right troll, was based in part on the backlash and targeting that Rian Johnson experienced after The Last Jedi was received unfavourably by some people. He's stated it's a broader commentary on the state of social media, not about his Star Wars experience specifically. "It doesn't matter if you made a Star Wars movie or if you have a cooking YouTube channel, or you collect books on the internet, someone's gonna be yelling at you on the internet."

Trivia: Joseph Gordon-Levitt cameos, at least his voice - he's heard on the TV show Marta's sister is watching. He's a frequent collaborator with director Rian Johnson.

Factual error: Opening the blank envelope, Marta finds the fragment of the toxicology report. It is signed "Office of the chief medical examiner, Norfolk County, Massachusetts." But then it writes also the address of said office, which is in Marlborough. Marlborough is also the city when Marta resides, and where the lawyers' letters we see come from. But Marlborough is also a city in the Middlesex county, not Norfolk. (01:28:25)

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Benoit Blanc: I suspect foul play. I have eliminated no suspects.

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Question: How come Ransom did not realise that Marta had not given Harlan the morphine when he went back to the study room to switch the evidence?

Answer: She didn't drain either of the vials so unless he actually measured how much of each liquid there was to start with, he was unlikely to notice that the amounts weren't quite what would have expected. He knew enough to know that the switch could lead to a death, but he's not anal enough to note every tiny aspect of the situation to verify that nothing's gone wrong.

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