Knives Out

Trivia: Michael Shannon has played Jaeden Martell's father twice on screen, in this movie and Midnight Special.

Trivia: K Callan, who plays Christopher Plummer's mother in this film, is actually six years younger than Plummer in real life.

Trivia: Jacob Thrombey, the far-right troll, was based in part on the backlash and targeting that Rian Johnson experienced after The Last Jedi was received unfavourably by some people. He's stated it's a broader commentary on the state of social media, not about his Star Wars experience specifically. "It doesn't matter if you made a Star Wars movie or if you have a cooking YouTube channel, or you collect books on the internet, someone's gonna be yelling at you on the internet."

Trivia: Joseph Gordon-Levitt cameos, at least his voice - he's heard on the TV show Marta's sister is watching. He's a frequent collaborator with director Rian Johnson.

Continuity mistake: The quantity of barf on the killer's face varies between shots - in particular they have a big reddish bit on a cheek that disappears in the dramatic slo-mo side view when they push Marta down, weapon in hand. (02:00:00)

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Benoit Blanc: I suspect foul play. I have eliminated no suspects.

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