Midway (2019)

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Other mistake: When the attack from Japan starts at Midway and the message is reported to Nimitz, he is telling Layton that he was off slightly on his calculations. He looks at his watch, which should show 6:40 ish, but shows 3 o'clock.

Other mistake: During the attack on Pearl Harbour we see a sailor burn both hands on some metal in front of him on the USS Arizona. However, when we see them looking at the hole in the deck caused by the Japanese bomb, other people are able to touch the metal with no ill effects. (00:12:30)

Ssiscool Premium member

Continuity mistake: After giving a toast for Roy at the bar, Dick and another soldier are walking along the sidewalk when they hear a car honk behind them. As they turn, some navy sailors pass them by as they turn around. The camera cuts to a different angle and suddenly the people who passed them are gone, with others much further down the sidewalk. (00:32:12)

Quantom X Premium member

Question: At the end it shows Dick Best coming off the Enterprise with the rank of Lt. Commander when he started the battle with the rank of Lieutenant. Did he get a promotion during the battle?

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