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Corrected entry: When Nimitz is wearing his ribbons, the first looks like the Medal of Honor which Nimitz was never awarded.

Correction: It is the light blue ribbon of the silver lifesaving medal, which Nimitz was awarded in 1912.

The ribbon of the silver lifesaving medal is dark blue and grey.

Correction: There is a picture of Nimitz where he is wearing the exact same ribbon as depicted in the movie. The light blue one is not the medal of honor as it is missing the five stars.

Corrected entry: Admiral Yamamoto and Nagumo are in the back of the car about 30 minutes into the movie. As the camera pans outside, you can see the car is driving on the right side of the road. Japan drives on the left. (00:28:00)

Correction: You only see the car park on the right side of the road, it came from the left side of the road. A car behind this one is driving on the left.


Factual error: The film shows Mitsubishi A6M Zeros at the Marshall-Gilbert raids. Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service units stationed in that area (Chitose Air Group and Yokohama Air Group) operated the older Mitsubishi A5M fighters.

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Question: At the end it shows Dick Best coming off the Enterprise with the rank of Lt. Commander when he started the battle with the rank of Lieutenant. Did he get a promotion during the battle?

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