Trivia: The zebra that Sheena rides in this film was not a zebra at all; it was actually a horse painted with black and white stripes.

Trivia: Based on the Marvel comic, it's also an homage to Tarzan only a female version.


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Suggested correction: Sheena was not a Marvel character. She originally appeared in comic books published by Fiction House Magazines. Marvel later created a very similar character called Shanna the She Devil.

Suggested correction: You have this backwards. The Marvel comic of Sheena is based on the movie.


Trivia: Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert labeled this as one of their most hated movies of 1984.


Continuity mistake: Sheena goes barefoot most of the movie but near the end when she's riding a zebra she's wearing a pair of sandals which disappear a few minutes later.


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Sheena: See! See! Even in chains, we can defeat them! Turn your minds back, oh my people. Remember yourselves - a thousand, a thousand moons ago! Bring your bows! Chief Harumba - Attack.

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