Frozen II

Continuity mistake: When Anna's singing "The next right thing" she puts a bag on her shoulder, with the strap on top of her hair. After the camera spins round her, her hair is suddenly on top of the strap. This bears a strong similarity to the mistake in the original Frozen where Elsa's hair passes through her shoulder - might be a deliberate nod, or else animating hair around objects is difficult enough that shortcuts are often taken.

Anna: Has Elsa seemed weird to you?
Kristoff: She... seems like Elsa.

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Trivia: The "new Danish author" that Prince Agnar is reading is most likely Hans Christian Andersen, who wrote "The Snow Queen", the basis of Frozen.

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Question: During the song "Some Things Never Change", Elsa was making things with her magic for the kids. A boy was given an ice bear doll and the next little girl whispered to Elsa who made some kind of tool made of ice for her. What was that?

Bunch Son

Chosen answer: It's called a "sextant." It's a celestial navigation tool used by sailors.


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