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Factual error: During Lee Iacocca's slide presentation to Henry Ford II in 1963, there are two slides that reference James Bond. One shows him standing next to the Aston Martin DB5, which made its debut in "Goldfinger" in 1964, and another shows a still image from "Thunderball", which was released in 1965.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Factual error: Christian Bale is eating a bag of potato chips. That bag is foil-lined or made of some type of polymer blend. Potato chips were packaged in a wax-paper/plastic bag in the mid-sixties. The inside of the bag would have been whitish, not silver.

George Spelvin

Factual error: When Ken is in a room seeing a brand new Ford engine being tested, he and a Ford engineer are wearing hearing protection. The protection being earmuffs, which look way too modern for the 1960s. They have a detachable earmuff, which wasn't introduced until decades later.


Factual error: Throughout the movie, Ken wears a pair of Ray Ban Balorama (4089) sunglasses. His pair however, has the Ray Ban logo on the temples; in the 1960s, Ray Ban sunglasses didn't feature the logo on the temples or lenses.


Audio problem: During the last scene with Ken, he is talking to Phil, as he jumps into the J-Car. He starts the car and the sound of the car is not that of a carbureted 7.0L (427) V8 (which is what it should be) but the sound from a 2005-2006 Ford GT. This is the car Ford sold for 2 years as a tribute to the GT40. The start up sound with the supercharged V8 (which is in the GT) is unmistakable. Especially to car people. When he's accelerating the engine/exhaust sound changes to the 7.0L (727) V8. (02:18:51)

Factual error: The meeting at Ferrari would have taken place outside of Modena. The photographer raced on a scooter, apparently to an Agnelli Villa, which would have been outside Turin, about 200 miles away.

Factual error: While Molly and Ken are talking on the side of the road a UPS truck drives by that has the new logo on the side of it, which wasn't used until around 2005.

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Suggested correction: If you freeze frame the truck, you can tell it's the logo with the the bowed package above the shield which started in 1961 ( But since you need to use freeze frame to see it, it's an invalid mistake anyway.

David George

Factual error: When Mollie is scaring Ken in the station wagon, they pass a red Chrysler 300 twice (tip of the hat to the chase scene in Bullitt). The Chrysler is a 1965 model, and the scene takes place in 1964.


Carroll Shelby: There's a point, 7000 rpm, where everything fades. The machine becomes weightless. Just disappears. And all that's left is a body, moving through space and time. 7000 rpm, that's where you meet it. Asks you a question. The only question that matters. Who are you?

David George

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Trivia: Christian Bale continued an impressive history of weight gain and loss for this part - he'd put on weight for his role in Vice, and had 7 months to drop it all to play Ken Miles. He's said he just didn't eat. He's previously lost weight for The Machinist, and then gained it all back in short order for Batman Begins.

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Question: At various points in the film the car brakes are glowing red hot, would this happen in real life or is it for show?

Answer: Watch any NASCAR short track night race where heavy braking is required, the brake rotors glow at every turn.

Answer: I watched this movie with my father, who actually participated in Autocross races in the past. He says from first hand experience that this is indeed real. The breaks get so heated from use in the race during the rapid slowing and going that they glow hot. This is why there are racing grade breaks and it's unwise to try and race without them.

Quantom X Premium member

Agreed. My dad is a former race car mechanic and he said that this absolutely happens all the time.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

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