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Doctor Sleep (2019)

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Danny drives Abra to the Overlook Hotel. He tells her to wait in the car and watch the mountain, as Rose can only come that way. Danny enters the Overlook, and his shining awakens the evil force, turning on the lights. He starts up the boiler and revisits his parents' old room, where Jack tried to murder him and Wendy back in 1980. He then enters the Gold Room, where he sees Jack's spirit. Jack tries to convince Danny to bring Abra inside the hotel and let it feed on her shine, but Danny refuses.

Abra psychically tells Danny that Rose has arrived. Danny and Abra go further inside to wait for Rose to find them. Rose enters the hotel, stopping by the hallway where Wendy saw the terrifying blood river in 1980. The blood river reappears, but Rose grins at it and walks away, continuing her search for the two heroes. The villainess finds them in the Colorado Lounge, where Jack's typewriter remains. After a psychic battle in the hedge maze in Danny's mind, in which Danny unsuccessfully tries to trap Rose in a box, Danny tells Abra to run. Rose questions why she never sensed Danny's shine in 1980, then offers him to join her and "eat well and live long", but he refuses. Danny cuts Rose's shoulder with an axe, but Rose overpowers him and takes the axe and cuts his leg, damaging his femoral artery. She then starts feeding on his steam, psychically seeing the boxes in his mind. Danny opens the boxes, releasing the hungry ghosts.

Delbert Grady, the Grady twins, Mrs. Grady, and the other evil ghosts attack Rose. Delbert Grady puts his hand under Rose's human face, revealing Rose's true psychic vampire face and blue-white eyes. The ghosts feed on Rose's steam as she screams in pain. The ghosts' eyes turn white while they feed on Rose's steam. Rose is killed after they consume enough of her steam, and she disappears just like her True Knot followers did when they died. Only Rose's top magic hat remains on a step. Then the ghosts possess Danny and make him try to kill Abra, but she brings him to his senses momentarily, and she runs outside. The ghosts try to make Danny shut off the boiler, but he resists. The boiler goes up in flames, burning the Overlook Hotel and Rose's hat. Before dying, Danny sees a vision of Wendy with him as a young boy. Danny's spirit visits Abra at her house and tells her to shine on and be aware of other villains similar to Rose the Hat who feed on the shine of others. After Danny disappears, Abra tells Lucy that Danny and Dave are OK. Lucy is comforted knowing that Dave is with God. Before joining Lucy for dinner, Abra sees the ghost of the dead woman from the Overlook's room 237 in the bathroom, and Abra goes to lock her up in one of the mind boxes.

Continuity mistake: When Danny goes to their old room at the Overlook, the bathroom door only has one broken panel but in the Shining, both panels were smashed when Jack heard the Snow Cat arriving.

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Abra Stone: You're magic. Like me.
Danny Torrance: You need to listen to me. The world's a hungry place. A dark place. I've only met two or three people like us. They died. When I was a kid, I bumped into these things. I don't know about magic. I, I always called it "the shining."

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Trivia: When we see Abra's house, the number on the front is 1980. That was the same year the original Shining was released.

Gavin Jackson

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