Terminator: Dark Fate

Trivia: The song "Guitars Cadillacs" from Dwight Yoakam can be heard when the Rev 9 is falling from the sky, that song was used in T2.


Trivia: The numbers on Carl's wagon are the date when the original Terminator film was released.


Trivia: SPOILER! John Connor's death scene during the opening marks the first time since the original film that Arnold as the Terminator has killed a human.

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Trivia: On the bridge Sarah says the classic line of the saga "I'll be back."


Continuity mistake: When the main characters first meet up with the old terminator at his residence, Sarah tries to turn her shotgun on him, but is stopped. Instead, the round goes off punching a hole in a wooden ceiling of the front porch. The resulting debris lands on Arnold's T-shirt, standing out because of the T-shirt's dark color. Several times the camera angle changes and the debris appears and disappears several times throughout the shot. Most notably a splinter of wood on his shoulder.

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Dani Ramos: How do we win?
Grace: We win... by keeping you alive.

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Question: When Dani and Grace are in the vehicle that drops out the back of the plane...how then is it possible that the plane is able to nearly come down upon them if it was moving in a forward motion at a great speed in opposite direction? The plane would naturally have gone down miles away from them and not nearly collided with them.

Answer: The simplest answer is, this is a movie, and movies often exaggerate, change, or fabricate details that logically could never occur in real-life. This is a perfect example of a deliberately faked action sequence that is contrived solely to entertain the audience by employing a 'suspension of disbelief.' It's more exciting and suspenseful to be able to see the plane crash, even though, as you point out, it realistically would be miles away by that time.

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