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I saw this movie in theaters with my girlfriend.

Fantastic movie. This is a good turn for DC, and I hope they learn the right lessons from this and keep making films that are of this quality.

There's not much I can really say about the film, but it's acted well, written well, and executed great.
Following the origin story, or one possible origin story, of the Joker. Or what I actually believe is the person who inspires the real Joker.

Borrowing heavily from films from the 70's, like King of Comedy and Taxi Driver, this movie sets a dark tone that DC seems to love. However it doesn't drown itself in the darkness, and does it a good balance for this character.
It also has that freedom of not being tied to or trying to connect to multi movie stories or a universe. It's self contained and it's own thing, which is where DC movies like the animated ones tend to really thrive with.
I hope this inspires DC to make more live action stand alone tales like this and stop trying to play cheep catch up to Marvel, which they will never get to at this point.
(looking at you Justice League)

This a great movie, and I would give it 4 1/2 stars if the ratings would let me. I did have a couple of issues with the movie, but nothing to make it bad or not worth at least 4 stars.

Mistake Status: Didn't really catch any in the theaters. I do love comic book hero movies (or in this case, villain movies) and will for sure get my hands on this and comb through it more in the future.

Quantom X

Factual error: Based on the films being shown at the theater, the movie appears to be set in 1981. One of the TV commercials shows the Energizer Bunny, which didn't make its first appearance until 1988.

wizard_of_gore Premium member
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Arthur Fleck: ...You wouldn't get it.

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