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Corrected entry: A human being cannot survive inside a closed refrigerator for even one hour, let alone overnight. They would suffer from a lack of oxygen and die. "Refrigerator death" is a rare occurrence but has happened on several occasions when children accidentally lock themselves in a fridge or if someone purposefully traps an individual in one.A human being cannot survive inside a closed refrigerator for even one hour, let alone overnight. They would suffer from a lack of oxygen and die. "Refrigerator death" is a rare occurrence but has happened on several occasions when children accidentally lock themselves in a fridge or if someone purposefully traps an individual in one.

Correction: Clearly it didn't work for him as he tried to commit suicide but was alive the next day. Maybe he got cold feet and exited quite quickly. Since the scene cuts after he closes the door you can't know what happened.


Incorrect. We see the refrigerator fully closing. When he closes it, it's night and when it cuts to the next scene it's morning, therefore he was in overnight.

Sure it closed, but you can't see he was in it all night. You can force yourself out of such types of fridge, if you have to.


Correction: It is possible the fridge just simply didn't seal fully. They are a poor family and likely have broken down old appliances. The airtight seals around the door could have been damaged thus letting air get inside, albeit even if just a little.

Quantom X Premium member

The fridge did close. Watch the scene, we here and see the fridge closing fully, it was night when he entered and the scene cuts to morning of the next day where it's daytime, so he was in the fridge overnight.

I didn't say that it didn't close. I said it's possible it didn't seal fully.

Quantom X Premium member

Corrected entry: Joker's left eye make up changes shape (blue messy cry smear) and size before going on the show, then is very neat on the show, and then jumps back to being smaller with the left eye crying look in the police car.

Correction: The changes are shown in between takes with a large time gap. Before going on the show he had redone his makeup and after the show he cried again smearing the makeup again when he is in the cop car.


There is a scene he is lying at the car engine, next scene he stand up, between these two scene the blue paint is dry and different.

Well firstly, no, he bleeds so that's different but the blue paint stays the same. Can't blame him for sweating either. And secondly, the original mistake doesn't talk about the scene on top of the car but in it.


Corrected entry: SPOILER ALERT: When the Joker kills his mom in the hospital, the heart monitor that she is connected to does not alarm as her heart rate skyrockets, then starts to fail. This would cause the nurses to come running into the room. Setting an alarm on the heart monitor is standard medical protocol in a hospital, especially in an ICU which is where she would have been with her serious condition.


Correction: He could have switched it off. Not the monitor but the alarm. He had all afternoon in her room to figure out how.


New this month Correction: Arthur's mother DID NOT die from suffocation, she died from a heart attack. I was very specific in explaining how, since this was an act of passion, how his character would not remove the nasal cannula (set at 6liter flow) before attempting to suffocate her. Pay attention to the heart rate and O2 SATs on her monitor and how her pulse (audibly) abruptly stops. Her death is 100% accurate! All of the machines in the scene are functional, but archaic, unique and salvaged since the hospital has had major fiscal cuts. The respirator, for example, does not exist in our world, with the mask being held on by a metal arm. So the monitor in the room was a local monitor not hooked up to the nurses station. Additionally the scene was much later. I know, as I was the Medical Tech Advisor. Michael-Scott Druckenmiller (IMDb me).

New this month Isn't it a bit silly to have her have a heart attack whilst he was trying to kill her? Seems a bit of a pointless scene then. An actual suffocation would have a lot more impact on the story.


New this month But not 'realistic'... a quick suffocation is what's 'normally' shown in TV but just another 'lie'... even Arthur frustrated it wasn't happening like he had always seen. Todd, like Scorsese when I was teching on Irishman, wanted realism not gore. I'm also a dual veteran in addition to working medicine so I understand the realities... Given her heart, the adrenaline spike and other factors the scenario in the film is 100% accurate.

New this month You do realise though that the mistake isn't at all about the suffocation or oxygen tube but about the alarm that isn't going off right? I mean I can understand you being proud of being part of the project but nobody talked about suffocation or the oxygen tube and you decide to talk about it like its a correction to the mistake, whilst it isn't.


New this month They did up top... read both suggested mistakes when I stumbled on this site ... and it's all connected with the salvaged equipment... things not working... staffing issues with budget cutbacks... So I figured I would elaborate to show these were not errors or omissions on this scene. I am flattered that people are looking closely at every detail of this film!

New this month Alright then, say, if you were the medical adviser of the movie could you give an idea about what kind of medication Arthur was taking?


Corrected entry: Towards the end when Fleck is in the police car, you can see where his white face paint has been applied for previous takes.

Max Thompson

Correction: Can you clarify this entry? He is wearing the face paint throughout the scene. When should he not have had it on?

Corrected entry: When the Joker is pulled from the police car there is a locking mechanism shown on the interior of the back door of the car. Police cars in the 80's and today have no unlocking mechanism on the interior of the car (otherwise people under arrest could just jump out).

Correction: Every car has what is called a "child safety lock" which can be engaged besides the regular lock since the early 80's. Which, if engaged will prevent anyone from opening the door from the inside (child or adult). Police activate this feature in their cars, so the regular lock wouldn't work.


Corrected entry: Dirt poor Arthur owns a VCR and answering machine, both of which were relatively new in the early 80s and too expensive for someone of his limited means.

Correction: This is assuming way too much. He could have gotten these in any number of ways from theft to gifts, to poor spending habits from him or his mother.

Quantom X Premium member

Correction: His mother did work for the Wayne's, maybe she saved up and bought it.


Even that guy who gave him a gun could have stolen a VCR and sold it cheap to Arthur.

Factual error: Based on the films being shown at the theater, the movie appears to be set in 1981. One of the TV commercials shows the Energizer Bunny, which didn't make its first appearance until 1988.

wizard_of_gore Premium member
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Social Worker: Do you mind telling it?
Arthur Fleck: ...You wouldn't get it.

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