Zombieland: Double Tap

Revealing mistake: At the start when they're clearing the White House field Little Rock shoots her gun without her finger on the trigger. (00:04:20)


Other mistake: The gun choreography in the fight at the Hound Dog just sucks. Nevada picks up the now zombiefied Albuquerque's gun, a Mini Draco AK with a (at most) a 10 round magazine, can barely hold it up but longarms it like a handgun and *brrr* fires at about double the guns actual fire rate. Infinite ammo, zero recoil (with a small stature woman firing 7.62x39 with one hand no stock) and the entire time she's shooting, the gun is pointing right at Tallahassee's head. (01:01:55)

Plot hole: How did Nevada (Rosario Dawson) ever hear about what happened to Bill Murray? Surely They haven't met enough people to spread that news around, and I don't think they would tell anybody that they were responsible for killing Bill Murray anyway. They would most likely keep that a secret.

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Suggested correction: This is a question, not a plot hole. Clearly there is enough of a coherent society for stories of factors like "zombie kill of the week" and the concept of using places as names to be common place. Clearly the information was found out and news spread. It could be as simple as someone later stumbling upon Bill Murray, realising he wasn't really a zombie corpse and figuring out what happened.

Tallahassee: I have nothing against hippies, I just wanna beat the shit out of 'em.

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Trivia: When Tallahassee and Columbus are navigating the abandoned mall, they pass a poster for "Garfield 3."

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Question: There are 2 scenes in this film that reminded me of Shaun of the Dead, the first is the scene in which they use times to aim and shoot, they use the same funny specific times like "11:45" etc. The second is the having characters who look like the main characters. Has the director ever commented on inspiration from Shaun of the Dead, is it a nod or a ripoff?


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