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The Illustrated Man (1969)


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Willie: Well, there must be a hundred houses like that around here.
Carl: I'm only lookin' for one. And I'm lookin' for the lady who lives in it. And when I find her... I'm going to kill her. Oh, yes... oh, yes... I will kill her.

Willie: Is - Is that what you mean by skin illustrations? Tattoos?
Carl: They're not tattoos, they're skin illustrations! Don't you ever call them tattoos.

Carl: I know what you're thinking... the funny thing is, that usually women ask that question before men do. But the answer is Yes. I'm covered with pictures from the neck right down to the toes. Everywhere, and I mean everywhere.

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Continuity mistake: When Carl lets his dog out of the bag, in the close-up there's a shadow on Rod Steiger's boot, and a shadow of something or someone standing between him and the camera: both are gone in the following shot, when the dog runs across the lawn (and 'knocks aside' the camera). (00:08:20)

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