Maudie (2016)


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Everett Lewis: Oh! When I was their age did the work o' ten men. Clean this yard, chop wood.
Mr. Hill: Yeah.
Everett Lewis: Built that fence.
Mr. Hill: Yes, but - You were here, around people. Everett? If someone applied for that job? Hire them.

Maud Lewis: Are you gonna do that? We better get married.

Everett Lewis: Not more pain. Ever since you stepped into my life... Nothin' but pain.

Sandra: Show me how you see the world.

Continuity mistake: Maudie lights herself a cigarette. There are 2 matchboxes on the railing of the porch. They disappear for the rest of the scene and Maudie's cardigan and dress do not have pockets. (00:02:35)

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